What is Coaching?

The focus of coaching is on the client.  In each session, the client chooses the focus of conversation, and the coach listens deeply to offer observations and ask questions to move the client into action.

The coaching process creates clarity, and accelerates the client’s progress.  Coaching helps clients by which you achieve you’re their personal and business goals in a short amount of time.  Thus, a long term commitment or a large monetary investment is not required to achieve results.

A coach is not a counselor or therapist.  A coach doesn’t offer advice nor tell the client what they should do.  Instead, the coach, using deep listening skills, helps the client identify where they are stuck: and, through probing questions and insights, helps the client get “unstuck” through a proven process so the client can keep timely commitments and meet their stated goals.

The client always has the answers; the coach helps the client find them.