Services and Fees

Our Services and Fees are as follows:


Free 20 Minute Consultation

If you are interested in learning more about the coaching process and how it might help you achieve your professional, career and/or life goals, you can call me. We will spend 20 minutes or so helping you understand the process and you can determine if you want to take the next step which is a formal assessment.

Fee: No charge

Initial Assessment

This is a 45- 90 minute discussion of your goals, current barriers or issues keeping you from achieving them, and what you want to accomplish through coaching. We will develop the coaching contract together and document goals, coaching objectives, and initial time commitment.

Fee: $65.00

One Hour Coaching

Each session is scheduled at least one week in advance and is usually conducted by telephone or Skype. The frequency of coaching sessions is based on your timeframe and the goals you have set. The content of each session is determined by you and your priorities. You will usually be given “homework” to do, as well as a “probing question” to resolve between sessions.

Fee: $55.00

Coaching Package

“Try it for a reduced price and see results in a month!”

This is a bundled package of services for one set fee. It is an opportunity to “try coaching” on a specific goal you identify, and develop action steps in your accountability plan. Commit to three hours of your time to achieve immediate results by following this plan over 4 weeks.

Assessment/evaluation 30 minutes
Goal defining 30 minutes
Decide on approach 30 minutes
Setting action plans 60 minutes
Review accomplishments 30 minutes
Package Fee: $125.00 (value $175)

Interim Phone Calls

Once you become a coaching client, you are eligible for free “check ins” via phone or email. This is a way to provide status, ask questions, or just check in to let me know how you are doing in between our scheduled coaching sessions.

Fee: No Charge