The Coaching Process

How Does the Coaching Process Work?


A coach is a partner who is interested in one thing:  your success.  The coach is neither a therapist nor a consultant but rather a trusted confident and supporter.  The coach’s job is to provide an ongoing supportive relationship that brings out your best in both your business and professional life.

In each coaching session, the client determines the priority.  The coach facilitates the client’s exploration into the topic or situation that the client chooses to discuss.  The coach is specially trained to listen for tone, pauses, timbre, and key phrases that will lead to insights.  The focus is always on making forward progress.

How many times does the client meet with the coach?

The client, usually through an assessment or initial discussion, decides on the number and length of the coaching sessions.  Most new clients choose to meet at least once per week with the coach, usually for a period of one to two months.  The sessions are usually 50 minutes.  At the end of the two month period, the coach and client determine if enough progress has been made so that the client can move into a period of more time between sessions.  Ultimately, the client moves into “maintenance”, which are short periodic “check ins” to ensure the client is still on track and still moving forward.

What are the logistics?

Most coaching is done by phone.  There are several reasons:

  • The client doesn’t have to commute to an office
  • Coaching is done at the convenience of the client, regular office hours need not matter
  • The client can pick the place that works best for confidential discussions
  • The client isn’t limited to a coach who lives in the local region, thus has much more choice over a wide geographic area.
  • It is usually easier for the client to open up more quickly on the phone rather than in person.

How do I know if I need a coach?

Most clients come to coaching because they are frustrated or unhappy with the lack results they’ve gotten.  Often, clients don’t know what is keeping them from being successful.  That is why a coach is so important—–to help the client understand the barriers or self-sabotaging behaviors that have prevented success in the past.

If you are uncertain about whether you need a coach or not, you might try answering these questions.  If you answer “yes!” to one or more, you will likely benefit a great deal from a coaching relationship.

  • I’d like to improve my personal relationships
  • I’d like to work less and have more fun in my life
  • I feel ready to make positive changes in my life
  • I want to create and achieve new goals
  • I’d like to improve my career prospects
  • I feel ready to have more fulfillment in my life
  • I’d like to improve my work relationships
  • I’d like to keep my commitment to (lose weight; eat better; read more; reduce sweets; exercise more…YOU fill in the blanks)

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