Career and Business Coaching

Career and business coaching
Maria Denzin Business Coach

What is Career and Business Coaching?

Career coaching differs from “life coaching” in several distinctive ways. First, the focus is more defined. The client’s business relationships, career aspirations, and work environment become the space in which the coach and client explore. Second, barriers and self-imposed constraints that are preventing success are devolved and examined for change opportunities within the work space; missteps and setbacks can become fertile ground for improved performance and future success.

Another important difference between life coaching and business coaching is that the client is encouraged to seek and test feedback from peers, employees, and bosses in relation to their sense of self and their professional persona. Clients who utilize a business coach usually survive tough times and move on to new directions very quickly, attaining their business and career goals more rapidly.

Who can benefit?

Millennials who want to fast-forward their career growth
Professionals who are in career transition
Students who are seeking their first job
Executives who want to transform their leadership style
Mid-career employees who want to maximize their talents
Leaders who feel “stuck” or unfulfilled in their current position