Maria Denzin

Maria Denzin

Maria Denzin is a certified coach who specializes in executive, lifestyle and retirement coaching.  She has helped over 200 clients in the past 15 years achieve their goals and experience transformative successes in their personal and business lives.

Her focus has always been the client, and the creation of a trusting relationship that results in movement and change for the client who often is “stuck” in confusion, dead-end jobs, or joyless relationships.  Her clients experience new beginnings and successes because they have learned to build on their values, strengths and talents through accountability and commitment.

Maria leads the employee retention strategy for the Boeing Enterprise, and aerospace company with over 165,000 employees.  She also has provided 1-1 coaching to Boeing executives and employees.  Additional leadership experience includes strategic workforce planning, talent programs, leadership development, employee on boarding, curriculum development, and survey practices.  Maria has been a senior manager of several work groups in Human Resources and the senior manager at Boeing’s Leadership Center in St. Louis, MO.

She has authored many articles and presented seminars and workshops on coaching, career development, conflict resolution, being politically savvy, generational impacts in the workplace, goal setting and values  clarification, and many other topics.

Maria lives in Palm Springs, California, with her husband, and two dogs and plays tennis whenever she can.

She will help you achieve your personal and professional goals through coaching. Whether you are a local California resident or live across the country she can help you in person, via telephone, Google Hangouts, Skype, and email.